A World of Adventures in West Virginia

1400 acres in West Virginia devoted to rafting the New and Gauley Rivers, climbing, biking, camping, hiking and lodging

Camp Stove

Choosing the right camp stove for your needs is very important. You don't want to go backpacking with the wrong camp stove.

Ed's outdoor gift ideas for outdoors people who already have everything

Every year Ed picks out one new product to be the unusual outdoors gift of the year so if you keep checking back once a year you will never be without a chrismas or birthday gift for that special outdoors person in your life.

Top Hiking Spots Around the USA

Tips on where to go hiking in a few areas around the country

Dale's Wilderness Survival

This is a site about how to survive life threatening situations in the wilderness. Everything here is based on many years of experience in the outdoors. Dale has been in some real bad situations over the years and has survived every time so far. Hopefully the information on this website will help you survive too. To guarantee your survival under the harshest possible conditions you need to have a few necessary items with you and possess a few basic skills, but mostly you need to keep your mind clear.

Expedition Reports

Illustrated documentations of mountain expeditions to test new backpacking gear.

Martin the Outdoor Fanatic's Website about the Outdoors

Outdoors fanatic Martin rambles on about camp stoves and related topics

Amazing Adventures

Follow a backpacker on a great adventure through the wilderness. Encounter bears, Hill-Billies, and campstove thieves. A very unusual and entertaining site.

Day Trip Two

An outdoor survivalist experimenting with different survival techniques and backpacking gear.

Dances with Marmots - A Pacific Crest Trail Adventure

The account of a five month solo hike, from Mexico to Canada, along the Pacific Crest Trail. Traversing California, Oregon, and Washington

Bill's Snowcamping Site

This is a site about camping in the backcountry in the wintertime. You can get there on snowshoes, cross country skis, or by snowmobile. This website will tell you all you need to know about spending the night in the snow, whether you intended to do so or you just got stuck and are forced to stay the night.

A new backpacking invention for hikers

A back packing stove that never runs out of fuel, weighs less than any other backpacking stove, works anytime anywhere, costs less than most backpacking stoves.

Max's Outdoor Site

Backpacking info, not a large site but has some info

Outdoors gear selector

Take a quick quiz to see what outdoors gear is perfect for your needs.

Country Road Cabins in WV

Deluxe Log cabins with Fireplace and Hot tubs in country setting -Open all year

Hiking Henrick

Tips and tricks for the outdoors.


This is a site dedicated to the fine sport of hiking. The main focus here is on overnight trips and how to camp out in the wilderness. But also on what to do if you get stuck overnight when you planned to go just for the day.

Web site about Great Sand Dunes National Park

Lots of info about Great Sand Dunes NP

Mountain Adventure Magazine

Online magazine covering the great outdoors. Features stories and latest news.

How to make a snow mound shelter - Quinzhee

This type of snow shelter requires a lot of hard work but when it's done it's just as warm as an igloo.

Snow Shelters

What type of snow shelter to build for the night or for an emergency depends on the conditions and how much time you have.

Hiking With Mike

Whether you day hike, backpack, love camping in the backcountry, wish to advance your wilderness survival skills, or simply need info on trails or parks.

How to make a snow cave

A snow cave is a great type of snow shelter if the conditions are right for one.

Snow Camping Tents

Choosing a good snow camping tent is very important. You don't want to go snowcamping with the wrong snow camping tent.

Max's Outdoors Site

Max here with some very important wilderness backpacking info for you.











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