Idaho Campgrounds

Campgrounds Near the Following Cities in Idaho:


Boise City-Nampa


Coeur d'Alene

Idaho Falls



Mountain Home



Twin Falls

Campgrounds in the Following Counties in Idaho:

Ada County

Adams County

Bannock County

Bear Lake County

Benewah County

Bingham County

Blaine County

Boise County

Bonner County

Bonneville County

Boundary County

Butte County

Camas County

Canyon County

Caribou County

Cassia County

Clark County

Clearwater County

Custer County

Elmore County

Franklin County

Fremont County

Gem County

Gooding County

Idaho County

Jefferson County

Jerome County

Kootenai County

Latah County

Lemhi County

Lewis County

Lincoln County

Madison County

Minidoka County

Nez Perce County

Oneida County

Owyhee County

Payette County

Power County

Shoshone County

Teton County

Twin Falls County

Valley County

Washington County

Complete List of Campgrounds in Idaho:

33 Mile, Mccall

7 N Ranch, Ririe

8th Street Trail, Boise

93 Bridge, Challis

A-bar-m Mobile Park, Parma

AHT'WY Plaza Park, Lewiston

Abbot Campground, Elmore County

Agency Creek, Tendoy

Ahsahka Access, Ahsahka

Albeni Cove, -blank-

Albert Moser, -blank-

Albert Moser, Preston

Albeni Falls Campground, Bonner County

Allison Creek Campground, Idaho County

Alpine North Loop - Targhee National Forest, Idaho Falls

Alpine Country Store and RV Park, Hayden

Alpine Park, Sagle

Alpine Campground 1, Bonneville County

Alpine Country Store, Hayden

Alturas Picnic Area - Sawtooth National Forest, Twin Falls

Alturas Inlet Campground, Blaine County

Amanita - Boise National Forest, Boise

Amanita Campground, Valley County

Ambassador RV Resort, Caldwell

Americana Kampground, Boise

Anderson's Camp, Twin Falls

Anderson Camp, Eden

Angel's Nook RV Park, White Bird

Antelope - Boise National Forest, Boise

Antelope Annex, Ola

Antelope, Ola

Apgar Campground, Idaho County

Aquarius Campground, Clearwater County

Arrowhead RV Park On The River, Cascade

Arrowhead Mountain Village, Cascade

Arrowhead, Cascade

Arrowrock Reservoir Dispersed, Boise

Ashley - Swift Creek, Altonah

Ashley - Yellowstone, Altonah

Ashley - Riverview, Altonah

Ashley - Moon Lake, Altonah

Ashton Inn and RV Park, Ashton

Ashton Reservoir Access Area, Ashton

Aspen Acres, Ashton

Atlasta Mobile Home and RV Park, Boise

Atlanta Cabin - Boise National Forest, Boise

Aura Soma Lava RV Park, Lava Hot Springs

Bad Bear Campground, Boise County

Badger Creek, Idaho City

Baker Creek Campground, Blaine County

Balanced Rock County Park, Castleford

Bald Mt Lake, Pierce

Bald Mountain Campground, Boise County

Bambi RV Park, Coeur D Alene

Banbury Hot Springs, Buhl

Banks Campground, Boise County

Banks Lowman Hwy Dispersed, Lowman

Banner Creek, Stanley

Bannock County Fairgrounds, Pocatello

Bannock County Fairgrounds, Pocatello

Bargamin Bar, Elk City

Baritoe Campground, Bonner County

Barneys - Boise National Forest, Boise

Barneys Park Campground, Valley County

Bartoo Islands - Sunrise Group, Coolin

Bartoo Islands - North Bartoo, Coolin

Bartoo Islands - Sunshine, Coolin

Bartoo Islands - Bartoo Solo, Coolin

Bartoo Islands - Solo 2, Coolin

Bartoo Islands - South Bartoo, Coolin

Bartoo Islands - West Sunshine, Coolin

Bartoo Islands - Cedars, Coolin

Base Camp Campground, Idaho County

Basin Creek Campground, Custer County

Baumgartner, Corral

Baumgartner Campground - Sawtooth National Forest, Twin Falls

Bayhorse Campground, Custer County

Bayhorse, Challis

Bayview Scenic Motel, Bayview

Bear Lake - North Jetty Access Area, Saint Charles

Bear Valley Campground, Valley County

Bear Gulch Campground, Twin Falls County

Bear Lake State Park, Paris

Bear Creek - Upper South Fork, Ketchum

Bear Gulch Campground, Fremont County

Bear Creek Campground, Idaho County

Bear Lake North RV Park and Campground, Saint Charles

Bear River RC&D Youth Camp, Preston

Bear Valley Horse Camp, Lemhi

Bear Den RV Resort, Grangeville

Bear Creek Campground, Custer County

Bear Campground, Adams County

Bear Lake RV Park, Fish Haven

Beauty Creek Campground, Kootenai County

Beaver Creek - Cape Horn, Stanley

Beaver Creek - Egan Basin, Fish Haven

Beaver Creek - Priest Lake, Nordman

Beaver Creek Idaho Panhandle Natl Forest, -blank-

Beaver Creek - Red Ives, Haugan

Beaver Dick Park, Rigby

Beaverhead - Twin Lakes Camp, Carmen

Belle Creek Campground, Idaho County

Bell Bay Campground, Kootenai County

Bell Rapids Sportsman's Access, Hagerman

Bells Bay Campground Idaho Panhandle National Forest, -blank-

Bench Creek, Lowman

Benewah County Fairgrounds, Saint Maries

Bennett Springs, Albion

Berlin Flats, Murray

Beyond Hope RV Park, Hope

Big Creek, Calder

Big Cottonwood, Jarbidge

Big Creek Campground, Lemhi County

Big Trinity Cabin - Boise National Forest, Boise

Big Flat, Indian Valley

Big Roaring River Lake, Atlanta

Big Springs Warming Hut - Targhee National Forest, Idaho Falls

Big Hank, -blank-

Big Eddy Campground, Valley County

Big Bar, Oxbow

Big Bluff, Hansen

Big Eightmile Campground, Lemhi County

Big Springs - Caribou, Lava Hot Springs

Big Springs Warming Hut, Macks Inn

Big Elk - Targhee National Forest, Idaho Falls

Big Smoky Campground, Camas County

Big Cottonwood Wildlife Management Area, Oakley

Big Elk Creek Campground, Bonneville County

Big Eddy Campground, Clearwater County

Big Roaring River Lake Campground, Elmore County

Big Creek Campground, Shoshone County

Big Mallard Creek Campground, Idaho County

Big Lost River, Mackay

Big Springs, Macks Inn

Big Creek Airstrip, Yellow Pine

Big Hank Campground, Shoshone County

Bighorn Campground, Camas County

Billingsley Creek Lodge, Hagerman

Birch Creek, Moore

Birch Creek Campground, Boise County

Bird Creek Campground, Elmore County

Blackfoot Reservoir, Conda

Blackrock Canyon, Inkom

Blackfoot River County Park, Conda

Blackwell Island Recreational Vehicle Park, Coeur D Alene

Black Lake Campground, Adams County

Black Rock Campground, Boise County

Blackfoot Reservoir Access 1, Conda

Black Pine Campground, Nez Perce County

Black Lee Campground, Valley County

Black Canyon Reservoir, Sweet

Blind Creek Campground, Custer County

Blowfly Campground, Custer County

Blowout Campground - Targhee National Forest, Idaho Falls

Blowout, Alpine

Blue Lakes Mobile Court, Twin Falls

Blue Lake RV Park, Bonners Ferry

Blue Point Campground, Valley County

Blue Anchor Trailer Park, Osburn

Blue Lagoon Ponds Access, Bovill

Bobcat Gulch, North Fork

Boiling Springs Cabin - Boise National Forest, Boise

Boileau's Resort & Marina, Bayview

Boiling Springs, Cascade

Boise Meridian RV Resort, Meridian

Boise-KOA, Boise

Boise National Forest - Big Trinity Lake Campground, Atlanta

Boise National Forest - Park Creek Campground, Lowman

Boise National Forest - Pine Flats Campground, Garden Valley

Boise Riverside RV Park, Boise

Bonanza CCC Group, Stanley

Bonner Lake Access Area, Eastport

Bonner County Fairgrounds, Sandpoint

Bonners Ferry Resort, Bonners Ferry

Bonneville - Boise National Forest, Boise

Bonneville Warm Springs, Atlanta

Bostetter Campground, Cassia County

Boulevard Motel and RV Park, Coeur D Alene

Boulder Meadows, Nordman

Boulder View, Ketchum

Boulder View Campground - Sawtooth National Forest, Twin Falls

Boulder White Clouds, Clayton

Boundary Creek, Yellow Pine

Boundary Campground, Blaine County

Boundary County Fairgrounds, Bonners Ferry

Boundary Campground, Idaho County

Boville City Park, Bovill

Bowns Campground, Camas County

Box Canyon, Island Park

Boyd Creek Campground, Idaho County

Brackenbury Campground, Cassia County

Breakwater Campground, Kootenai County

Bridge Campground, Blaine County

Bridge Creek Campground, Idaho County

Bridgeview - Rathbun Lake, -blank-

Brigham Young Lodge and Trailer, Soda Springs

Brig Campground, Kootenai County

Broad Canyon, Mackay

Broken Arrow Resort, Gibbonsville

Brownlee, Oxbow

Brownlee Reservoir Access Site, Richland

Bruces Eddy Campground, Clearwater County

Bruce Meadows Campground, Valley County

Bruin Creek Campground, Idaho County

Bruneau River - Sheep Creek, Hammett

Bruneau River - No Name 2, Hammett

Bruneau Dunes State Park - Equestrian, Hammett

Bruneau River - LowerCave Draw, Bruneau

Bruneau River - Sheepshead, Hammett

Bruneau Dunes State Park - Broken Wheel, Hammett

Bruneau Canyon Overlook, Hammett

Bruneau River - Cave Draw, Bruneau

Brundage Reservoir, Mccall

Bruneau River - No Name 1, Hammett

Bruneau River - Clover Creek, Bruneau

Bruneau Dunes State Park - Eagle Cove, Hammett

Brush Lake Campground, Boundary County

Buckhorn Campground, Valley County

Buck Creek - Rathbun Lake, -blank-

Buckhorn Bar Campground, Valley County

Buck Park Cabin - Payette National Forest, Mccall

Buck Mountain Campground, Valley County

Buddy's RV Park, Salmon

Buffalo Run Campground, Island Park

Buffalo Idaho - Targhee National Forest, Idaho Falls

Buffalo Campground, Fremont County

Buffalo Meadows RV Park, Fort Hall

Buhl Mobile Estates, Buhl

Bull Trout - Boise National Forest, Boise

Bull Trout Lake, Lowman

Bumblebee, Kingston

Bumblebee Campground, -blank-

Burgdorf Campground, Idaho County

Burnt Knob Overlook, Elk City

Buttermilk - Targhee National Forest, Idaho Falls

Buttercup, Cascade

Buttermilk, Island Park

By The Way Campground, Pinehurst

C. J. Strike Area - Cottonwood, Mountain Home A F B

C. J. Strike Area - Locust, Grand View

C. J. Strike Area - Scout, Grand View

C. J. Strike Area - North, Grand View

C. J. Strike Area - Jacks Creek, Mountain Home A F B

CCC Campground, Shoshone County

CCC , Stanley

Cabin Creek Campground, Adams County

Cache - Sunrise, Fish Haven

Cache - Red Banks, Fish Haven

Cache Bar Campground, Lemhi County

Calamity - Targhee National Forest, Idaho Falls

Calamity, Irwin

California Creek Bar Campground, Idaho County

Camas Creek, Cobalt

Camas Prairie Cent. Marsh Wildlife Management Area, Corral

Camp Creek, Warren

Camp 3, Calder

Camp Crescendo, Boise

Campbell's Pond Access Area, Pierce

Campbell Flat Access Area - Hwy 95 MP 218, Lucile

Camp Ida Haven, Mccall

Canoe Camp RV Park, Orofino

Canyon Creek, Ahsahka

Canyon Pines RV Resort, Riggins

Canyon Campground, Valley County

Canyon Campground, Camas County

Capital Mobile Park, Emmett

Caribou County Park, Conda

Caribou, Sun Valley

Carmela RV Park, Glenns Ferry

Carrie Creek Campground, Camas County

Carrie Creek, Fairfield

Cartwright Ridge, Ola

Casino Creek, Stanley

Castle Rock Campground, Elmore County

Castle Creek Campground, Idaho County

Castle Rocks State Park - Smoky Mountain, Almo

Cayuse Landing Camp, Superior

Cedars and Shade Campground, Paris

Cedar Flats Campground, Idaho County

Cedar Motel and RV Park, Coeur D Alene

Cedars, Superior

Cedar Creek Campground, Shoshone County

Celebration County Park, Melba

Century 2 Campground and RV Park, Salmon

Central Links Golf Course and RV Park, Grace

Chalet RV Park, Donnelly

Challis All Valley RV Park, Challis

Challis - Starhope, Mackay

Challis Valley, Challis

Challis Golf Course RV Park, Challis

Challis Hot Springs, Challis

Chamberlin Basin, Yellow Pine

Chamber of Commerce RV Park, Buhl

Chaparral Campground, Elmore County

Chemeketan Campground - Sawtooth National Forest, Twin Falls

Chemeketan, Ketchum

Cherry Springs Campground, Bannock County

Cherry Creek Campground, Bannock County

Cherry Lane Access Area, Juliaetta

Chesterfield Reservoir Access, Bancroft

Chinook Bay, Stanley

Chinook Campground, Idaho County

Chinook Bay Campground, Custer County

Christmas Ranch RV Resort, Grangeville

City of Rocks National River - Window Arch, Almo

City of Rocks National River - Window Rock, Almo

City of Rocks National River - Bath Rock, Almo

City of Rocks National River - Elephant Rocks, Almo

City of Rocks National River - Twin Sisters, Almo

City of Rocks National River - Finger Rock, Almo

City of Rocks National River - Bread Loaves, Almo

Clark Mt Camp, Pierce

Clarks Ferryssissippi River Pools 11-22, -blank-

Clark Fork Lodge & Park, Clark Fork

Clay Peak, Payette

Clear Creek Inn, Cascade

Clear Creek Trailhead, Shoup

Clearwater - Giant White Pine, Harvard

Clearwater Crossing RV Park, Orofino

Clearwater - Wilderness Gateway, Pierce

Clearwater River Casino and RV Park, Lewiston

Clear Creek, Park Valley

Cloverleaf Campground, Franklin County

Coeur d’Alene River Wildlife Management Area - Rose Lake, Cataldo

Coeur D'Alene North/Hayden Lake KOA, Hayden

Coeur d’Alene River Wildlife Management Area - Bull Run Lake, Cataldo

Coeur d’Alene River Wildlife Management Area - Thompson Lake Outlet, Harrison

Coeur D'Alene RV Resort, Post Falls

Cold Spring - Trinity Mt, Atlanta

Cold Springs Group, Ahsahka

Cold Springs - Banks, Soda Springs

Cold Springs - New Meadows, New Meadows

Cold Springs - Packer John Mt, Banks

Cold Springs Campground - Payette National Forest, Mccall

Colgate Camp, Superior

Colt Creek Campground, Idaho County

Conant Creek Crossing, Ashton

Conrad Crossing Campground, Shoshone County

Copper Creek, Carey

Copper Falls, Eastport

Copper Creek Campground, Boundary County

Corduroy Meadows, Warren

Corduroy, Warren

Corey Bar Campground, Idaho County

Corn Creek, Cobalt

Corral Creek, Pocatello

Cottonwood, Ellis

Cottonwood, Idaho City

Cottonwood Family Campground, Lava Hot Springs

Cottonwood Mobile Home Park, Mountain Home

Cougar Point, Ellis

Country RV Village, Heyburn

Country Lane Recreational Vehicle Resort, Kingston

Country Corners Campground and RV Park, Caldwell

Cove Arm Lake, Mountain Home A F B

Cove , Mountain Home A F B

Cowboy RV Park, Pocatello

Cozy RV Park, Sagle

Cozy Cove, Lowman

Cozy Cove - Boise National Forest, Boise

Crags Campground, Lemhi County

Craig Mt Wildlife Management Area - Lake Waha, Lapwai

Crane Falls - Access, Mountain Home A F B

Crater Lake, Avery

Craters of the Moon National Monument - Lava Flow Camp Ground, Arco

Crater Peak, Avery

Craters of the Moon KOA, Arco

Crooked River Number Three Campground, Idaho County

Crooked River #4, Elk City

Crooked River #3, Elk City

Crooked River Number Five Campground, Idaho County

Crystal Gold Mine and RV Park, Kellogg

Crystal Lake, Cataldo

Cub River Canyon Guest Ranch, Preston

Curlew Creek, Hill City

Curlew Campground, Oneida County

Curry Trailer Park, Twin Falls

Custer Number 1 Campground, Custer County

Cutthroat Creek, Bancroft

Dagger Falls, Yellow Pine

Dam Complex - Coralville Lake, -blank-

Dam View, Ahsahka

Daniels Reservoir Access, Arbon

Davis Canyon Overflow, Fish Haven

Dawson Lake Access Area, Naples

Deadman Hole, Challis

Deadwood, Garden Valley

Deadwater Campground, Lemhi County

Deadman Campground, Valley County

Deadwood Lookout Recreation Cabin, -blank-

Dedication Point, Kuna

Deep Creek Campground, Idaho County

Deep Creek Reservoir Access, Clifton

Deep Creek Campground, Boundary County

Deep Creek - Beaver Jack, Shoup

Deer Flat Campground, Valley County

Deer Park Campground, Elmore County

Deer Creek Campground, Blaine County

Delyle Campground, Bonner County

Dent Acres - Dworshak Dam and Reservoir, -blank-

Dent Acres, Ahsahka

Dent Acres - Coe - Dworshak Reservoir, White Bird

Devils Elbow Campground, Shoshone County

Devils Creek Reservoir, Downey

Devil's Elbowaho Panhandle Natl Forest, -blank-

Diamondfield Jack, Hansen

Diamond Creek, Wayan

Dickensheet Campground, Bonner County

Dingle Pond, Dingle

Dirt Oven Campground, Boundary County

Ditch Creek Campground, Idaho County

Divide Trailhead, Conner

Dixie Meadow, Elk City

Dog Creek, Atlanta

Dog Creek - Boise National Forest, Boise

Donkey Creek, Calder

Donnelly Lakeside City Park, Donnelly

Downata Hot Springs, Downey

Down By The Depot RV Park, Wallace

Downey Fairgrounds, Downey

Dry Creek Campground, Oneida County

Dry Saddle Trailhead, Elk City

Dubois City Park, Dubois

Dutchman Flat Campground, Custer County

Dutch Creek Guard Station - Boise National Forest, Boise

Dworshak Hatchery, Lenore

Dworshak State Park, Orofino

EC Rettig Campground, Clearwater County

Eagle Rock Access, American Falls

Easley, Sun Valley

Easley Campground - Sawtooth National Forest, Twin Falls

Eastside - Boise National Forest, Boise

East Fork Baker Creek, Fairfield

East Fork Public Campground, Bonner County

East Camos Campground, Clark County

East Fork, Clayton

East Cottonwood Creek, Dubois

East Fork Lost Creek Trailhead, Murray

East Fork Rock Creek, Rockland

Eastern Idaho State Fairgrounds, Moreland

East Fork - Salmon River, Yellow Pine

Eastside, Ola

Ebenezer Bar Campground, Lemhi County

Edgewater Resort Motor Inn, Sandpoint

Edna Creek Campground, Boise County

Eightmile Campground, Custer County

Eightmile Campground, Bear Lake County

Elk Bar Campground, Valley County

Elk Spring Campground, Elmore County

Elk Creek Campground Idaho - Sawtooth National Forest, Twin Falls

Elk Summit, Pinesdale

Elk Creek - Sawtooth, Stanley

Elk Creek - Clearwater, Hammett

Elk Creek, Elk River

Elk Run RV Campground, Lowman

Elk Mountain RV Resort, Stanley

Elk Creek Cabins - Boise National Forest, Boise

Elk Mountain, Elk City

Elk Creek Reservoir Access Area - Regional, Elk River

Elk Summit, Elk City

Elkhorn Bar Campground, Idaho County

Elks Flat Campground - Boise National Forest, Boise

Elks Flat, Hill City

Emerald Creek Campground, Latah County

Emigration, Thatcher

Emigration Campground, -blank-

Emmett Valley Recreational Vehicle Park, Emmett

Evans Landing, Careywood

Evans Creek Campground, Elmore County

Evergreen Campground, Adams County

Fall Creek, Atlanta

Fall Creek Trailhead, Sun Valley

Falls, Swan Valley

Falls Campground - Targhee National Forest, Idaho Falls

Fall Creek Resort and Marina, Mountain Home

Farragut, Athol

Farragut State Park, Athol

Farragut State Park - Whitetail, Bayview

Farragut State Park - Corral Equestrian, Bayview

Farragut State Park - Snowberry, Bayview

Farragut State Park - Waldron, Bayview

Father and Sons Campground, Cassia County

Federal Gulch Campground, Blaine County

Fiesta Park, Boise

Fiesta Rv Park, Boise

Fir Springs Campground, Valley County

Fir Creek Campground, Valley County

Firth City Park Access Area, Basalt

Fish Creek Meadow Campground, Idaho County

Fish Creek Reservoir, Carey

Fish Lake Trailhead, Superior

Five Points Campground, Camas County

Fivemile Campground, Idaho County

Flags West Truck Stop, Downey

Flamingo Manufactured Housing Community, Pocatello

Flat Rock - Stanley, Stanley

Flat Rock - Island Park, Macks Inn

Flat Rock Extension, Stanley

Flat Rock Idaho - Targhee National Forest, Idaho Falls

Flat Creek, Saint Regis

Fly Flat Campground, Shoshone County

Fog Mountain Trailhead, Elk City

Fog Mountain Campground, Idaho County

Footrot Corrals Campground, Idaho County

Forks Of Big Pine Creek Campground, Boise County

Fort Running Bear Recreational Vehicle Park, Mountain Home

Fort Running Bear, Mountain Home

Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area, Nyssa

Fort Hall Casino, Fort Hall

Fourmile Campground, Valley County

Fourth of July Trailhead, Pierce

Fourmile Campground, Elmore County

Fourteen Mile Trailhead, Elk City

Fox Creek West Wildlife Management Area, Tetonia

Fox Farm RV Resort, Sagle

Fox Creek East Access Area, Victor

Freeman Creek Campground, Clearwater County

French Gulch, Elk City

French Creek - Boise National Forest, Boise

Frontier Motel and RV Park, Cambridge

Front Gardens RV Park, Lucile

Garden Creek, Sun Valley

Garrity, Nampa

Gateway RV Park and Laundromat, Weiser

Gavers Lagoon, Picabo

Gedney Creek Campground, Idaho County

Geisinger, Nordman

Gem State WHA - Snake River, Menan

Gem Trailer Village, Lewiston

Giant White Pine, Harvard

Gibbs Eddy Access Area, Juliaetta

Givens Hot Springs, Melba

Glacier View Campground - Sawtooth National Forest, Twin Falls

Glacier View, Stanley

Glade Creek Campground, Idaho County

Glendale Reservoir Access, Franklin

Glover Campground, Idaho County

Gold Flat, Haugan

Gold Creek Campground, Shoshone County

Golden Hills Mobile Home Park, Pocatello

Gold Creek Access Area, Stanley

Golden Gate Campground, Valley County

Gold Creek, Elk River

Gooding County Fairgrounds, Gooding

Goodenough Creek, Mccammon

Goose Creek/Lake Creek, Superior

Goose Lake, New Meadows

Gowen Field, Boise

Graham Bridge Campground, Boise County

Grandjean Campground, Custer County

Grandad Creek, Pierce

Granite Spring Campground, Elmore County

Granite Creek Campground, Bonner County

Granite Lake, Mccall

Granite Springs, Elk City

Grandview, Squirrel

Grasmere Reservoir Public Access, Bruneau

Grave Creek Campground, Bingham County

Gravel Creek Campground, Caribou County

Graves Creek, Bancroft

Grayback Gulch, Idaho City

Grays Lake Outlet, Irwin

Grayback - Boise National Forest, Boise

Greer Access, Orofino

Green Bay, Hope

Green Canyon Hot Springs, Rexburg

Green Flat Campground, Idaho County

Greylock Campground, Custer County

Grouse Campground, Adams County

Guard Station Campground, Valley County

Hagerman RV Village, Hagerman

Halfway House Campground, Idaho County

Halverson Bar, Melba

Hammer Creek, White Bird

Hardscrabble Campground, Boise County

Hard Creek/Upper Hazard Lake Trailhead, Pollock

Harpster Riverside RV Park, Kooskia

Harrison Lake, Colburn

Harrys Hollow, Paris

Harriman State Park, Island Park

Harrison City Camp Ground, Harrison

Hat Creek Lakes, Ellis

Hawkins Reservoir, Arimo

Hawley Creek - Upper, Leadore

Hawley Creek - Lower, Leadore

Hayden Lake KOA Kampground, Hayden

Hayfork Campground, Boise County

Hayfork Group Campground - Boise National Forest, Boise

Hayspur Hatchery, Picabo

Hazard Creek Access, Pollock

Hazard Campground, Idaho County

Healds Haven, Salmon

Heart Mountain Spring, Swanlake

Heise Hot Springs, Ririe

Helende - Boise National Forest, Boise

Helende Campground, Boise County

Hells Canyon Jet Boat Trips and Lodging, White Bird

Hells Gate State Park, Lewiston

Hells Canyon Jet Boat Trips and RV Park, White Bird

Heller Creek, Saint Regis

Hells Canyon Recreation Area - Woodhead Park, Oxbow

Hells Canyon Recreation Area - McCormick Park, Oxbow

Hells Canyon Recreation Area - Hells Canyon Park, Oxbow

Henrys Lake State Park, Island Park

Henry's Lake County Park, Macks Inn

Henrys Lake South Shore Access, Macks Inn

Herd Lake, Clayton

Herd Lake Overlook, Sun Valley

Herrick Reservoir Access, Cascade

Heyburn Riverside RV Park, Heyburn

Heyburn State Park - Hawleys Landing, Harrison

Heyburn Mountain Campground, Custer County

Heyburn State Park, Plummer

Heyburn State Park - Benewah, Harrison

Hi Valley RV Park, Garden City

Hi-Dee-Ho Park, Ponderay

Hi-country RV Park and Campground, Arco

Hi-valley RV Park, Boise

Hidden Creek Campground, Clearwater County

Hidden Village Mobile Home Park, Orofino

High Mountain Market, Island Park

High Adventure River Tours, Hagerman

Hill Campground, Kootenai County

Hitt Mountain, Oxbow

Hodges RV Park, Council

Hoffman Campground, Bonneville County

Hollywood Point Campground, Gem County

Holman Creek Campground, Custer County

Home Canyon Campground, Bear Lake County

Homers Campground, Valley County

Honeysuckle Campground, Kootenai County

Hoodoo Lake Campground, Idaho County

Hood Ranch Campground, Valley County

Hopkins Landing Access, Bancroft

Horse Creek Hot Springs Campground, Lemhi County

Horse Camp Trailhead, Harvard

Horsethief Reservoir Public Access, Cascade

Hospital Bar Campground, Valley County

Hot Springs - Boise National Forest, Boise

Howell Canyon Sno-Park, Albion

Howell Station - Lake Red Rock, -blank-

Huckleberry Flat Campground, Shoshone County

Huckleberry Campground, Adams County

Huckleberry Flat, Donnelly

Huckleberry, Riggins

Huckleberry Tent and Breakfast, Clark Fork

Hungry Bear, Island Park

Hunter Creek Campground, Hill City

Huskey's Resort, Irwin

Hyndman Campground, Blaine County

Ice Springs Campground, Elmore County

Ice Hole Campground, Valley County

Idaho RV Campgrounds Assn. - Irvca, Boise

Idaho Country Resort, Hope

Idaho Panhandle - Devil's Elbow, Wallace

Idaho Panhandle - - Bell Bay Campground, Harrison

Idaho Panhandle - Meadow Creek, Eastport

Idaho Panhandle National Forests: Coeur d'Alene - Kaniksu - and St. Joe National Forests, Coeur D Alene

Idaho Panhandle - Outlet Campground, Coolin

Idaho Panhandle - Big Hank, Osburn

Idaho Panhandle - Garfield Bay, Kootenai

Idaho Panhandle - Shadowy St Joe, Fernwood

Idaho Falls North Tourist Park, Idaho Falls

Idaho Outdoor Assn Campground, Elmore County

Idaho Panhandle - Copper Creek, Eastport

Idaho Falls KOA Kampground, Idaho Falls

Idaho Panhandle - Sam Owen Campground, Hope

Idaho Panhandle - Luby Bay Campground, Nordman

Idyl Acres RV Trailer Park, Bonners Ferry

Idyl Acres RV Park, Bonners Ferry

Idyl Acres, Bonners Ferry

Independence Lakes, Almo

Independence Campground, Shoshone County

Indian Springs, Stanley

Indian Hot Springs, Weiser

Indian Point, Warren

Indian Creek Campground, Idaho County

Indian Springs Resort and RV, American Falls

Indian Creek Guard Station, Yellow Pine

Indian Creek Campground, Bonner County

Indian Hill, Elk City

Inlet Campground, Custer County

Intermountain RV Camp, Wendell

Irish Point, Idaho City

Iron Lake Campground, Lemhi County

Iron Lake, Ellis

Iron Mountain Inn, Fairfield

Iron Phone Junction, Lucile

Iron Creek Campground, Custer County

Iron Bog, Mackay

Isabella Landing Camp, Pierce

Isabella Point, Avery

Island Bar, Lucile

Island Park Dam, Island Park

Island View Trailer Resort, Hope

Island View - Rathbun Lake, -blank-

Islet, Crescent Lake

J and L RV Resort, Rigby

Jackson's, Irwin

Jackson Landing Campground, Fremont County

Jazz Creek, Pierce

Jeanette, Warren

Jefferson County Lake, Rigby

Jerome County Fairgrounds, Jerome

Jerome KOA Kampground, Jerome

Jerry Johnson Campground, Idaho County

Jerrys Creek, Stanley

Jessen's RV and Bed and Breakfast, Ashton

Jessen's, Ashton

Jet Enterprises, Pocatello

Jimmy Smith Trailhead, Clayton

Jimmy Smith Lake Access Area, Clayton

Johnson Creek Campground, Elmore County

Johnson Bar, Kooskia

Josephus Lake, Stanley

Joseph T. Fallini Campground - Formerly Mackay Reservoir Blm, Mackay

Josephine's Pizza And RV Park, North Fork

Junction Creek, Saint Regis

Junction Trading Post, Challis

Junction Lodge, Elk City

Juniper County Park, Ririe

Juniper Spring Campground, Cassia County

Juniper Grove, Jarbidge

Justrite Campground, Washington County

K O A Kampgrounds, Montpelier

K O A Kampgrounds, Coeur D Alene

K and C Creations RV Park and Gift, Island Park

K-c's RV Park, Malad City

KOA Coeur d'Alene, Coeur d'Alene

Kahnderosa RV Park Campground, Cataldo

Kalispell Island - North Cove, Coolin

Kalispell Island - Rocky Point, Coolin

Kalispell Island - Silver Cove, Coolin

Kalispell Island - Silver, Coolin

Kalispell Island - Cottonwood, Coolin

Kalispell Island - Schneider, Coolin

Kalispell Island - Selkirk, Coolin

Kalispell Island - West Shores, Coolin

Kalispell Island - Three Pines, Coolin

Kalispell Island - Shady, Nordman

Kalispell Island - Peninsula, Coolin

Kalispell Island - Kalispell Vista, Nordman

Kamp Tomahawk, Peck

Kaniksu RV Park and Resort, Nordman

Kaniksu Resort and Marina, Nordman

Kaufman, Moore

Kelly Forks, Saint Regis

Kelly's Island, Ririe

Kellogg/Silver Valley KOA, Pinehurst

Kelley Creek Flats, Hill City

Kelly Creek, Superior

Kelso Lake Resort, Athol

Kennally Creek Campground, Valley County

Kestrel Campground, Kootenai County

Kiawanis Campground, Washington County

Killarney Lake Picnic Site, Medimont

Killarney Lake Boat Launch, Medimont

Kirkwood Ranch, Riggins

Kirkman Campground, Twin Falls County

Kirkham Hot Springs Campground, Boise County

Kirkham - Boise National Forest, Boise

Kit Price Campground, Shoshone County

Knife Edge Campground, Idaho County

Koa Campground, Island Park

Kooskia City Park, Stites

Kooskia Access, Stites

Krassel Creek Campground, Valley County

Lafferty Campground, Adams County

Laird Park, Harvard

Lake Cascade State Park - West Mountain, Donnelly

Lake Coeur d'Alene Camping Resort, Coeur d'Alene

Lake Cascade State Park - Blue Heron, Cascade

Lake Elsie, Osburn

Lake Creek, Mackay

Lakeland, Bayview

Lake Cascade State Park - Sugarloaf, Donnelly

Lake Cleveland - West, Albion

Lakeshore Trail - Bottle Bay, Nordman

Lake Cascade State Park - Buttercup, Donnelly

Lake Cascade State Park - Sage Bluff, Cascade

Lake Fork Campground, Valley County

Lake Rv, Sandpoint

Lake Creek, Warren

Lake Cleveland - East, Albion

Lake View Campground, Custer County

Lake Cascade State Park - Big Sage, Cascade

Lake Cascade State Park, Cascade

Lake Cascade State Park - Huckleberry, Donnelly

Lake Darling, Clark Fork

Lakeview Village RV Park, Mccall

Lake Cascade State Park - Poison Creek, Donnelly

Lake Perkins, Ketchum

Lake Walcott State Park, Rupert

Lake Cascade - West Mountain, Donnelly

Lake Creek Trailhead, Clayton

Lake Cascade State Park - Snowbank Group, Cascade

Lake Walcott, Rupert

Lake Cascade State Park - Crown Point, Cascade

Lakeland RV Park, Bayview

Last Chance Campground, Adams County

Latah County Fairgrounds, Moscow

Lava Hot Springs KOA, Lava Hot Springs

Lava Spa Motel, Lava Hot Springs

Lava Ranch Inn Motel and Camp, Lava Hot Springs

Lava Ranch Inn, Lava Hot Springs

Lava Spa Motel & RV Park, Lava Hot Springs

Lazy River Mobile Home and Park, Payette

Leadore City Park, Leadore

Leah's Landing, Nampa

Lee's Point County Recreation Area, Hope

Leggett Creek, Elk City

Lenore Access, Kendrick

Lewis and Clark Cafe and RV Park, North Fork

Lewis-Clark Resort, Kamiah

Liberty Mobile Park, Boise

Lick Creek Rd, Lake Fork

Lightning Creek Access, Lucile

Limestone Point Access, Anatone

Lime Creek Access Area, Ellis

Lime Creek Campground, Elmore County

Line Creek Stock Camp, De Borgia

Lintz Campground, Shoshone County

Little Lost River, Moore

Little Lost Lake, Avery

Little Boulder, Clayton

Little Bayhorse Lake, Clayton

Little Payette Lake, Lake Fork

Little Soldier Campground, Valley County

Little Smoky Campground, Camas County

Little Roaring River Lake Campground, Elmore County

Little Meadow Creek, Elk River

Little Gem Cycle Park, Emmett

Little West Fork Campground, Custer County

Little Wood River Reservoir, Picabo

Little Trinity Lake Campground, Elmore County

Little North Fork Campground, Shoshone County

Little Boulder Campground, Latah County

Little Wilson Creek Campground, Elmore County

Lochsa Ranger District, Kooskia

Lodgepole Group, Cascade

Lodgepole Campground, Valley County

Lola Creek Campground, Custer County

Lolo Creek Campground, Idaho County

Long Tom Campground, Lemhi County

Long Beach, Hope

Longkamp Rv Park, Kamiah

Loristica Group, Mackay

Lost Valley, Council

Lost Lake, Avery

Lost Spring Campground, Lemhi County

Lower Penstemon, -blank-

Lower O'Brien Campground, Custer County

Lower Grouse Campground, Lemhi County

Lower Coffee Pot Campground, Fremont County

Lower Jackass Flat Campground, Custer County

Lower French Creek, Donnelly

Luby Bay, Nordman

Luby Bay Campground, Bonner County

Lud Drexler, Rogerson

Mackay's Eddy/Myrtle Access Area, Juliaetta

Mackay Bar Campground, Idaho County

Macks Creek, Boise

Mack's Inn and RV Park, Mack's Inn

Mackay Reservoir - Joseph T. Fallini Camp Ground, Mackay

Magic Reservoir - Myrtle Point, Hailey

Magic Reservoir - Lava Point, Hailey

Magnus Bay, Orofino

Magruder Campground, Idaho County

Magruder Crossing, Conner

Mahoney Springs, Clayton

Maiden Rock, Careywood

Malad Summit Guard Station, Downey

Mallad Creek, Elk City

Mammouth Springs Campground, Shoshone County

Mann Creek, Weiser

Map Rock Access, Marsing

Maple Grove, Thatcher

Maranatha Park, Post Falls

Marble Creek Campground, Shoshone County

Marble Creek Campground 2, Valley County

Marble Creek Campground 1, Custer County

Marijuana Flat, Preston

Marshall Creek Campground, Custer County

Martin Landing, Nyssa

Mary Mine/Placer Mine Access, American Falls

Marys Place RV Campground, Lava Hot Springs

Mason Creek RV Park, Nampa

Massacre Rocks State Park, American Falls

Mc Call Campground, Mccall

Mc Call Rv Resort, Post Falls

McCall - KOA RV Resort, McCall

McClenden Springs, Malta

McCoy Creek Campground, Bonneville County

McCoskey State Park - Fireplace, Desmet

McCoskey State Park - Mission, Potlatch

McCoskey State Park - Iron Mt., Desmet

McCrea Bridge - Targhee National Forest, Idaho Falls

McCrea's Bridge, Island Park

McDonald Flat, Shoup

McFarland, Lemhi

McGill State Parkur Access Area, Lenore

McTucker Creek Access Area, Springfield

McTucker Ponds Access Area, Springfield

Mckay's Bend, Juliaetta

Meadows, New Meadows

Meadows RV Park, Ketchum

Meadows, Ketchum

Meadow Creek Campground, Idaho County

Meadow Lake Campground, Lemhi County

Meadow Creek Campground, Boundary County

Medicine Lake, Medimont

Merrys Bay Campground, Clearwater County

Mica Bay County Campground, Kootenai County

Middle Fork Salmon River 90-0L Stoddard Bar, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 47-3R White Creek, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 79-7L Love Bar, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 11-8L Joe Bump, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 61-1R Pool Camp, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 31-6L Marble Creek Left, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 05-5R Boy Scout, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 78-0R Last Chance, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 61-6L Funston, Cobalt

Middle Fork Transfer Camp and Trailhead, Lowman

Middle Fork Salmon River 08-3L Rapid Camp, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 23-9L Airplane Camp, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Peak Campground, Lemhi County

Middle Fork Salmon River 06-5R Big Bend, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 49-9R Cow Creek, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 46-3L Rock Island, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 74-9R Woolard, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 92-7L Solitude, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 15-9R Greyhound Creek, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 21-4L Pistol Creek, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 88-6R Cradle Creek, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 64-5R Trail Camp, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 19-1R Dolly Lake, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 59-9R Camas Creek, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 73-0L Grassy Flat 2, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 57-3R Tiny Tappan, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 89-6L Ouzel Camp, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 02-7L Spring Camp, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 08-2R Elkhorn Bar, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 31-7R Marble Creek Right, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 71-4L Little Pine, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 73-0L Grassy Flat 1, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 18-2R Rapid River, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 13-8L Fire Island, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 84-4L Papoose Camp, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 52-7 Horsetail Camp, Stanley

Middle Fork Campground, Lemhi County

Middle Fork Salmon River 37-3R Jackass Flat, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 57-0C Tappan Island, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 01-6L Cable Hole, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 43-2R Pine Creek Flat, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 79-6L Elk Bar, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 09-5R Boot Camp, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 77-4L Fish Camp, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 45-6R Culver Creek, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 46-6L Pebble Beach, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 72-1R Driftwood Flat, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 34-5L State Land Left, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 52-1L Hospital Bar, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 00-7L Teepee Hole, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 70-2R Cold Springs, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 75-7R Fly Camp, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 60-6L Johnnie Walker, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 66-8R Flying B Camp, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 32-6R Sunflower, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 88-8R Tumble Creek, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 46-2R Whitey Cox, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 26-2L Indian Creek Camp, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 89-7R Cliffside Camp, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 35-7L Thomas Creek, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 65-3L Sheep Creek, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 61-9R Broken Oar, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 12-7L Scout Camp, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 86-2R Parrot Placer, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 14-9R Lake Creek, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 51-8R Cave Camp, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 84-5L Ship Island, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River Lightning Strike, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 78-9L Cutthroat Cove, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 32-6L Lost Oak, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 15-6L Oakie Point, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 35-9L Hood Ranch, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 72-9R Wilson Creek, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 16-0L Dome Hole, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 35-8R Little Creek Camp, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 41-6R Mahoney Camp, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 53-1L Cub Creek, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 12-5R Thimbleberry, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 94-9R Goat Creek, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 48-1R Shelf, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 37-6R Lower Jackass, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 27-3R Anderson Camp, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 49-3R Big Loon, Stanley

Middle Fork Salmon River 68-7L Bernard, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 82-5L Redside Camp, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 68-9R Short Creek, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 06-9L Trail Flat, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 19-0L Big Snag, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 77-9L Big Creek, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 78-7L Pine Bluff, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 09-3L Saddle Camp, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 56-4R Upper Grouse, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 79-2R Big Pine, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 85-0L Lightning Strike, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 74-8L Survey Creek, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 15-2R Johns Camp, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 02-4R Gardells Hole, Yellow Pine

Middle Fork Salmon River 56-5R Lower Grouse, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 90-4R Otter Bar, Cobalt

Middle Fork Salmon River 57-9L Tappan Falls, Cobalt

Mike Harris, Victor

Mill Canyon Campground, Caribou County

Mill Creek Campground, Fremont County

Mill Creek Campground, Custer County

Mill Flat, Rockland

Milner Reservoir, Hazelton

Miner Reservoir #2, Hazelton

Miner Reservoir - Island, Hazelton

Miner Reservoir #2, Hazelton

Miner Reservoir #3, Hazelton

Miner Reservoir #4, Hazelton

Mink Creek Group, Pocatello

Minnetonka RV Parks and Campground, Saint Charles

Miracle Hot Springs, Buhl

Mirror Lake, Kingston

Mokins Bay Campground, Kootenai County

Monroe Creek Campgorund, Weiser

Montour Wildlife Management Area, Horseshoe Bend

Montpelier Creek KOA, Montpelier

Montpelier Reservoir Access, Cokeville

Montpelier Canyon, Montpelier

Monte Cristo, Stanley

Moose Crossing RV Park, Mackay

Moose Creek Reservoir Access, Bovill

Morgans Bridge, Bancroft

Morgan Creek, Challis

Morgan Bar, Salmon

Mormon Reservoir North, Fairfield

Mormon Bend Campground, Custer County

Mormon Reservoir South, Corral

Morse Creek, May

Mosquito Flat, Clayton

Mountain View - Boise National Forest, Boise

Mountain Pines RV Park, Idaho City

Mountain View Reservoir - Shoshone Indians, Mountain City

Mount Heyburn, Stanley

Mountain Home RV Park, Mountain Home

Mountain View RV Park, Boise

Mountain Home KOA Kampground, Mountain Home

Mountain View - Lowman, Garden Valley

Mountain River Ranch, Ririe

Mountain View Trailer Court, Lava Hot Springs

Mountain View RV Park, Arco

Mountain Home AFB, Mountain Home A F B

Mountain View Mobile Home Park, Grangeville

Mountain View - Stanley, Stanley

Mountain Air Resort, Coeur d' alene

Mountain View, Donnelly

Moyie River Access, Eastport

Mt Borah Trailhead, Mackay

Mt River Ranch, Ririe

Murdock Campground, Blaine County

Murtaugh Lake RV Park, Murtaugh

Mush Campground, Clearwater County

Musselshell Meadows, Pierce

Mystery Saddle Camp, Pierce

Narrows Campground, Camas County

Nat Soo Pah Hot Springs and RV, Twin Falls

Navigation Campground, Bonner County

Navigation Trail, Nordman

Neat Retreat RV Park, Fruitland

Neinmeyer, Idaho City

Nelson Creek, Grangeville

Newby's 7N Ranch Resort, Ririe

Newsome, Elk City

Nez Perce - Ohara Bar, Elk City

Niagara Springs Wildlife Management Area - Cedar Draw, Wendell

Nighthawk Campground, Kootenai County

Ninemeyer Campground, Elmore County

No Bingham County Park, Shelley

Noe Creek, Pierce

Nordman Campground, Bonner County

North Overlook Camp - Lake Red Rock, -blank-

North Fork - Owyhee Uplands, Jordan Valley

North Fork - Slate Creek, White Bird

North Cove Campground, Bonner County

North Fork Store, North Fork

North Fork Overflow, Fish Haven

North Fork - Ketchum, Sun Valley

North Shore Picnic Area A and B - Sawtooth National Forest, Twin Falls

North Shore, Ketchum

Noseeum Meadows, Pierce

O'Hara Saddle, Elk City

O'Hara Campground, Idaho County

O'Hara - Nez Perce National Forest, Grangeville

Oakley City RV Park, Oakley

Observation Point, Conner

Old Fort Boise Park, Parma

On The River, Boise

On The River RV Park, Garden City

One Spoon Campground, Boise County

Oneida Narrows Reservoir Access, Preston

Oregon Trail Park, Soda Springs

Oregon Trail Campground, Twin Falls

Orogrande Summit, Elk City

Orogrande Campground, Idaho County

Orogrande Summit Campground, Idaho County

Orphan Point, Avery

Osprey, Coolin

Osprey Campground, Bonner County

Outlet Campground - Sawtooth National Forest, Twin Falls

Outlet - Priest Lake, Coolin

Outlet - Redfish, Stanley

Ox Bow, Elk City

Packsaddle Campground, Shoshone County

Packsaddle Campground, Boise County

Paddock Valley Reservoir, Midvale

Paddy Flat Campground, Valley County

Palisades Creek, Irwin

Palisades Creek, Irwin

Palisades Cabins and RV, Irwin

Palisades Pines RV Park, Palisades

Papoose Campground, Idaho County

Papoose Creek Campground, Valley County

Paradise Campground, Idaho County

Paradise Campground, Washington County

Paris Springs, Paris

Park Creek - Sun Valley, Sun Valley

Park Creek - Boise National Forest, Boise

Park Creek Group - Lowman, Lowman

Parrot Placer Campground, Lemhi County

Partridge Creek, Elk River

Pass Creek, Arco

Payette River Wildlife Management Area, New Plymouth

Peace Valley, Cascade

Pebble Guard Station, Lava Hot Springs

Pen Basin Campground, Valley County

Penal Gulch Access Area, Challis

Pend Oreille Wildlife Management Area - Freeman Lake, Oldtown

Pend Oreille Wildlife Management Area - Clark Fork Drift Yard, Clark Fork

Pend Oreille Wildlife Management Area - Cocolalla Lake, Careywood

Pend Oreille Wildlife Management Area - Morton Slough, Cocolalla

Pend Oreille Wildlife Management Area - Johnson Creek, Clark Fork

Pend Oreille Wildlife Management Area - Shepherd Lake, Sagle

Penny Spring Campground, Valley County

Perkins Lake -IFG, Eastport

Pete Forks Campground, Idaho County

Peterson Campground, Kootenai County

Pete Ott, Saint Regis

Pete Creek, Warren

Pettit Lake, Ketchum

Pettit Campground, Twin Falls County

Phi Kappa Campground, Custer County

Phillips Creek Transfer Campground, Custer County

Picabo RV Park, Picabo

Picnic Point Campground, Valley County

Pine Flats, Garden Valley

Pine Creek, Pierce

Pine Creek Campground, Teton County

Pines Rv Park, Cascade

Pinewood Lodge Motel and RV, Cascade

Pine Resort, Mountain Home

Pinehurst Rv, Pinehurst

Pinehurst KOA Kampground, Pinehurst

Pine , Atlanta

Pines, Harvard

Pine Creek Campground, Boise County

Pine Flats - Boise National Forest, Boise

Pine Bar Campground, Caribou County

Pine Bar, Greencreek

Pink House, Lenore

Pioneer Motel and RV Park, Challis

Pioneer, Fairfield

Pipeline Gulch, Boise

Pipeline, American Falls

Pistol Creek Campground, Valley County

Pittsburgh Landing, Lucile

Playground Sports Park, Meridian

Plowboy Campground, Bonner County

Pocatello KOA Kampground, Pocatello

Poet Creek Campground, Idaho County

Point - Sawtooth National Forest, Twin Falls

Point Campground, Custer County

Poison Creek, Murphy

Poison Creek Campground, Valley County

Poison Creek Access, Bancroft

Poker Meadows Campground, Valley County

Polecamp Flat Campground, Custer County

Pole Bridge, Island Park

Ponderosa, Warren

Ponderosa State Park - RV, Mccall

Ponderosa State Park, Mccall

Ponderosa State Park - Peninsula, Mccall

Popcorn Island, Medimont

Porcupine Lake Campground, Bonner County

Porcupine Campground, Franklin County

Porcupine Springs, Murtaugh

Portenuf River Access, Lava Hot Springs

Poverty Flat Campground, Valley County

Powerplant Campground, Elmore County

Power-Pop RV Stop, Glenns Ferry

Powell Campground, Idaho County

Power County Fairgrounds, American Falls

Prairie Ridge - Rathbun Lake, -blank-

Prairie Campground, Blaine County

Priest River Campground, Bonner County

Priest River, Laclede

Priest River Recreation Area, Laclede

Priest Lake State Park - Indian Creek, Coolin

Priest Lake Marina, Priest River

Priest Lake State Park, Coolin

Priest Lake State Park - Dickensheet, Coolin

Priest Lake State Park - Squaw Bay Group, Nordman

Priest Lake State Park - Lion Head, Nordman

Prospectors Gold, Lucile

Pungo Creek Campground, Valley County

Purple Beach Group, Pierce

Queens River Campground, Elmore County

R & E Greenwood, Hazelton

Race Creek Campground, Idaho County

Race Track Campground, Idaho County

Race Track, Elk City

Rackliff Campground, Idaho County

Rainy Day Point Campground, Idaho County

Rainbow Point, Donnelly

Rainey Bridge Access, Tetonia

Rainy Hill Campground, Kootenai County

Rainbow Lake and Campground, Rexburg

Rainbow Point - Boise National Forest, Boise

Rapid River Access, Riggins

Rapid Creek, Donnelly

Rattlesnake Creek Campground, Lemhi County

Rattlesnake Access, Pollock

Rattlesnake Campground, Elmore County

Rattlesnake Campground, Valley County

Raven Creek Campground, Idaho County

Red Barn Village, Council

Red Horse Campground, Idaho County

Red River Wildlife Management Area, Elk City

Red River Campground, Idaho County

Redfish Outlet, Stanley

Redfish Outlet Campground, Custer County

Redpoint, Preston

Redrock RV And Camping Park, Island Park

Redrock RV and Camping Park, Island Park

Reeder Bay Campground, Bonner County

Reeder Bay, Nordman

Rendezvous Village RV Park, Montpelier

Reservoir Creek Trailhead, Leadore

Reunion Flat Group Area, Teton Village

Reunion Flat - Targhee National Forest, Idaho Falls

Rhett Creek Campground, Idaho County

Rhododendron Island, Crescent Lake

Riley Creek, Cocolalla

River Walk, Coeur d'Alene

River Junction, Kooskia

Riverside - Stanley, Stanley

Riverfront Park, Kamiah

River's Fork Lodge and RV Park, Salmon

Riverdale Campground, Preston

Riverside - Deadwood Reservoir, Lowman

Riverside - Idaho City, Atlanta

River Delta Resort, Clark Fork

River's Fork Inn & Park, North Fork

River Park Golf Course, Mackay

Riverside Park, Island Park

Riverhaven RV Park, Marsing

Riverside Park/Palisade Dam, Irwin

River Lake Trailer Resort, Clark Fork

Riverside, Riggins

River Lake RV Park, Clark Fork

Riverside - Targhee National Forest, Idaho Falls

River's Edge, Lava Hot Springs

Rivers Edge RV Park, Wilder

River Bend Campground, Camas County

River Walk RV Park, Coeur D Alene

Riverside RV Park, Riggins

River View Estates, Orofino

Riverside RV Campground, Bellevue

Riverside RV Park, Payette

River Side - Boise National Forest, Boise

Riviera, Pierce

Robert E Lee Campground, Boise County

Robert's Gravel Pond Access, Roberts

Robin Hood RV Park, Laclede

Robin Hood RV Park and Campground, Coeur D Alene

Robinson Lake Campground, Boundary County

Robinson County Park, Moscow

Rock Creek RV Park, Twin Falls

Rocky Bluff Campground, Idaho County

Rocky Ridge Lake Campground, Idaho County

Rockford Bay Store and Marina, Coeur D Alene

Rock Creek Campground, Lemhi County

Rock Island Campground, Valley County

Rocky Point Campground, Bonner County

Rogerson RV Park, Rogerson

Rolling Cove - Rathbun Lake, -blank-

Roman Nose, Colburn

Rooks Creek Campground, Blaine County

Rose Park, Blackfoot

Roundtop Trail, Hope

Round Lake State Park, Sagle

Royal Gorge Motel, Ellis

Ruby Creek Campground, Clearwater County

Ruby Meadow Trailhead, Warren

Sacajawea Memorial, Lemhi

Sack Creek Campground, Valley County

Sagehen Creek - Boise National Forest, Boise

Sage Hen Flats, Bancroft

Sage Hen Campground, Gem County

Saint Charles Campground, Bear Lake County

Salmon River, Stanley

Salmon River RV Park, Salmon

Salmon River Campground, Custer County

Salmon Meadows Campground, Salmon

Salmon Meadows, Salmon

Salmon Point Campground, Valley County

Samowen Campground, Bonner County

Sams Creek Campground, Idaho County

Sandy Mite Fly Shop and Cafe, Swan Valley

Sand Creek Wildlife Management Area, Chester

Sandhills Resort, St Anthony

Sandy Beach Resort, Cocolalla

Sandpoint KOA Kampground, Sandpoint

Sandy Beach Camp - Coralville Lake, -blank-

Sawmill Campground, Blaine County

Sawtooth - Glacier View Campground, Stanley

Sawtooth - Riverside, Stanley

Sawtooth National Forest - Baumgartner Campground, Hill City

Sawtooth - Mount Heyburn, Stanley

Sawtelle Mountain Resort, Island Park

Sawtooth - Sunny Gulch, Stanley

Sawtooth - Sockeye, Stanley

Scenic Bay Marina Mobile Home and RV Park, Bayview

Scenic 6 Park, Potlatch

Schipper Campground, Cassia County

Schneider Campground, Bonner County

Scott Campground, Kootenai County

Scout Mountain Campground, Bannock County

Secesh Horse Camp, Warren

Selway Falls Campground, Idaho County

Senator Park, Buhl

Senator Creek Campground, Shoshone County

Seven Devils Campground, Idaho County

Shadowy St Joe Campground, Benewah County

Shady Acres Campgrounds, Coeur D Alene

Shady Rest Campgrounds, Idaho Falls

Shady Creekssissippi River Pools 11-22, -blank-

Shady River RV Park, Saint Maries

Shafer Butte - Boise National Forest, Boise

Shafer Butte, Boise

Sheep Trail, Stanley

Sheep Rock, Oxbow

Sheep Springs, Cataldo

Sheepeater Hot Springs Campground, Valley County

Sheep Trail Campground - Sawtooth National Forest, Twin Falls

Shelley Park Access, Shelley

Sherman Creek Trailhead, Pierce

Shiefer Campground, Valley County

Shoreline, Cascade

Shoreline - Boise National Forest, Boise

Shorts Bar, Lucile

Shoshone RV Park, Shoshone

Shoup Bridge Recreation Site, Salmon

Silver Beach Resort, Spirit Lake

Silverwood Theme and RV Park, Athol

Silver Creek North, Carey

Silver Creek Campground, Valley County

Silver Creek South, Carey

Silver City, Melba

Silver Creek Access, Picabo

Silver Creek Plunge, Garden Valley

Silver Campground, Bonner County

Simplot Campground, Lemhi County

Sing Lee Campground, Idaho County

Sissons Campground, Shoshone County

Six Mile, Elk City

Skeleton Campground, Camas County

Skookumchuck Campground, Idaho County

Slate Creek, Lucile

Slaughter Gulch Campground, Adams County

Slide Creek Campground, Idaho County

Sligar's 1000 Springs Resort, Hagerman

Slims Campground, Idaho County

Smiley Creek Lodge, Stanley

Smith Lake Campground, Boundary County

Smith Ridge Trailhead, Avery

Smith's Trout Haven, Lava Hot Springs

Smoky Bear Campground, Blaine County

Smokey Cubs, Leadore

Snake River RV Park And Campground, Idaho Falls

Snake River - Dry Canyon 3, Swan Valley

Snake River RV Park and Campground, Idaho Falls

Snake River RV Park And Campground, Idaho Falls

Snake River RV Resort, Homedale

Snake River - Rattlesnake Point, Ririe

Snake River - Black Canyon, Rexburg

Snake River - Mud Creek, Ririe

Snake River - Dry Canyon 2, Swan Valley

Snake River - Lufkin Bottoms, Ririe

Snake River - Pine Creek 3, Swan Valley

Snake River RV Resort, Homedale

Snake River Resort, Homedale

Snake River Vista Access, American Falls

Snake River - Warm Springs, Rexburg

Snake River RV Park and Campground, Idaho Falls

Snowmobile Parking Campground, Valley County

Snow Peak Wildlife Management Area - Twin Lakes, Saltese

Snow Peak Wildlife Management Area - Bathtub Mt, Saltese

Snowberry Campground, Kootenai County

Snyder Guard Station, Eastport

Sockeye Campground, Custer County

Soldier Creek RV Park, Fairfield

Soldier Meadows Reservoir, Winchester

Solomon Lake, Eastport

Sourdough Saddle Campground, Idaho County

Sourdough Lodge, Lowman

Sousie Creek Campground, Clearwater County

South Fork Campground, Idaho County

South Fork Campground, Lemhi County

South Fork Salmon River Campground, Valley County

South 93 Park, Filer

South Canyon Cabins, Malad

South Fork Payette River, Placerville

South Tourist Park, Idaho Falls

Spillway, Hammett

Sportsman's Park, Aberdeen

Sportsman River Resort, Hagerman

Spring Gulch, Challis

Spring Point Campground, Bonner County

Spring Valley Reservoir Access Area, Troy

Spring Bar Campground, Idaho County

Spring Creek - Payette National Forest, Mccall

Spring Creek - North Fork, Shoup

Spruce Tree Campground, Shoshone County

Squaw Bay Resort, Harrison

Squaw Creek Campground, Shoshone County

Squib Canyon Trailhead, Sun Valley

Squirrel Creek Guest Ranch and Inn, Ashton

St Anthony Dunes - Red Road, Parker

St Anthony Dunes - Egin Lakes, Parker

St Charles, Fish Haven

St. Maries Wildlife Management Area Dispersed, Saint Maries

Stanley Lake Campground, Custer County

Stanley Lake Inlet, Stanley

Stanton Crossing Access, Bellevue

Stanley Lake, Stanley

Stardust Mobile Home Park, Caldwell

Star Hope, Mackay

State Land Campground, Custer County

Station Creek, Pierce

State Campground Recreation Site, Idaho County

Steamboat Gulch, Idaho City

Steck Park, Huntington

Steer Basin Campground, Cassia County

Steel Creek Campground, Clark County

Stibnite, Yellow Pine

Stoddard Creek Campground, Clark County

Stolle Meadows Cabin - Boise National Forest, Boise

Stovepipe Springs, Stanley

Strike Dam Marina, Grand View

Sublett, Rockland

Sugar Bottom - Coralville Lake, -blank-

Sullivan's Mobile Manor, Pocatello

Summit Creek, Leadore

Summer Grave Cabin - Payette National Forest, Mccall

Summit Campground, Bannock County

Summit Lake Campground, Valley County

Summit View Campground, Bear Lake County

Sundown RV Park, Grangeville

Sundance Village RV Park, Coolin

Sundown, Grangeville

Sunny Gulch, Stanley

Sunnyside Acres Park, Idaho Falls

Sunnyside Acres, Idaho Falls

Sunnyside Acres Park and MHP, Idaho Falls

Sunny Gulch Campground, Custer County

Suntree RV Park, Post Falls

Surveyors Lookout, Saltese

Survey Creek Campground, Valley County

Swamp Creek, Orofino

Swan Falls River Access, Murphy

Swiftwater Motel & Rv Park, Avery

Swiftwater Rv Park, White Bird

Swiftwater Park & Store, White Bird

Swinging Bridge, Banks

Swinging Bridge - Boise National Forest, Boise

Table Rock Group, Ririe

Table Rock - Targhee National Forest, Idaho Falls

Table Meadows Campground, Idaho County

Tailwaters, Mountain Home

Talmaks Campground, Lewis County

Tamarack Park, Coeur d'Alene

Targhee - Buttermilk, Island Park

Targee Inn, Idaho Falls

Targhee - Mccrea Bridge, Island Park

Targhee - Buffalo, Island Park

Targhee - Upper Coffee Pot, Island Park

Teepee Creek Campground, Valley County

Telichpah, Avery

Tenmile Campground, Boise County

Tennessee Creek Campground, Valley County

Teton Valley Campground, Victor

Teton Canyon, Teton Village

Teton Canyon - Targhee National Forest, Idaho Falls

Teton Mountain View Lodge and RV Park, Tetonia

Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area - Kepps Crossing, Idaho Falls

Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area - Clowards Crossing, Idaho Falls

Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area - Site 1, Ririe

Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area - Trail Creek 1, Ririe

Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area - Trail Creek 2, Ririe

Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area - Site 2, Ririe

Thatcher Creek Campground, Custer County

The Last Resort, Clark Fork

The Village At North Fork, North Fork

The Forks, Jarbidge

Third Fork Cabin - Boise National Forest, Boise

Third Fork Rock Creek, Murtaugh

Third Creek Group, Clifton

Thompson's RV Park, Rexburg

Thompson Flat Campground, Cassia County

Thorn Creek Campground, Boise County

Thorn Creek Reservoir, Gooding

Thousand Springs Resort, Hagerman

Thousand Springs Resort, Hagerman

Three Island Crossing, Glenns Ferry

Three Rivers Motel and Resort, Kooskia

Three Island Crossing State Park - Trailside, Glenns Ferry

Three Pines Campground, Bonner County

Tie Creek Campground, Boise County

Timber Creek Reservoir - Upper, Leadore

Timber Creek Reservoir - Lower, Leadore

Timber Creek, Leadore

Tin Can Flat Campground, Shoshone County

Tincup Campground, Custer County

Tincup Campground, Caribou County

Tingley Springs, Cataldo

Tipton Flat Campground, Elmore County

Torrey's, Stanley

Torrey's Burnt Creek Inn and RV Park, Stanley

Torrey's Resort and RV Park, Stanley

Tower Rock, North Fork

Town and Country Inn, Bonners Ferry

Trails West RV Park, Glenns Ferry

Trail Break RV Park, Glenns Ferry

Trail Creek Bridge, Idaho Falls

Trail Creek - Garden Valley, Cascade

Trail Creek Campground, Valley County

Transfer Campground, Custer County

Trappers Flat Access, Marsing

Trapper Creek, Nordman

Trap Creek Group, Stanley

Trap Creek Campground - Sawtooth National Forest, Twin Falls

Trapper Creek, Elk City

Travel Stop 216 C - Store and Restaurant, Declo

Travel America Plaza, Sagle

Trestle Creek RV Park, Hope

Trinity Pines Camp & Conferenc, Cascade

Tripod Reservoir Access, Banks

Troutdale Campground, Elmore County

Trout Creek Campground, Valley County

Turner Flat Campground, Shoshone County

Twentyfive Mile Bar, Elk City

Twentyfour Mile Reservoir Access, Bancroft

Twentymile Bar Campground, Idaho County

Twentythree Mile Campground, Idaho County

Twenty Mile Bar, Elk City

Twin Falls/Jerome KOA, Jerome

Twin Lakes Mobile Park, Rathdrum

Twin Falls Waterfront Park, Murtaugh

Twin Falls County Fairground, Filer

Twin Springs, Holbrook

Twin Bridges County Park, Rexburg

Twin Bridges Access, Lucile

Twin Creek Campground, Lemhi County

Twin Peaks, Clayton

Twin Lakes, Albion

Twin Lakes Reservoir Access, Clifton

Twin Falls 93 RV Park, Filer

Twin Bridges Campground, Valley County

Twin Rivers Canyon Resort, Moyie Springs

Twin Creek Campground, Shoshone County

United Campgrounds, Boise

Upper Payette Lake Campground, Valley County

Upper Penstemon Campground, Twin Falls County

Upper Basin, Elk River

Upper Coffee Pot - Caribou National Forest, Idaho Falls

Upper Payette Lake Dispersed, Mccall

Upper Coffee Pot, Macks Inn

Upper Lake Creek, Sun Valley

Upper Grouse Campground, Lemhi County

Upper Bear Valley, May

Upper O'brien Campground, Custer County

Upper Jackass Flat Campground, Custer County

Upper Payette Campground, Valley County

Upper Pittsburgh Landing, Lucile

Upper Penstemon, Hansen

Upper Hog Island, Lapwai

Valley View Grocery and RV Park, Island Park

Valley Creek Motel, Stanley

Valley View, Island Park

Van Creek Campground, Idaho County

Velvet Falls Campground, Valley County

Village of Trees RV Resort, Declo

Vista Bay Resort, Bayview

Waddington Creek Access Area, Ellis

Wagon Wheel, Mountain Home

Wagonhammer Campground, North Fork

Wagon wheel Motel and RV Park, Mackay

Wakeside Lake RV Park, Rexburg

Waldron Campground, Kootenai County

Wallace Lake, Salmon

Ward Campground, Kootenai County

Warm Lake, Cascade

Warm Lake - Boise National Forest, Boise

Warm River, Squirrel

Warm Springs Guard Station - Boise National Forest, Boise

Warm Slough Access, Rexburg

Warm Springs Resort-idaho City, Idaho City

Warm River - Targhee National Forest, Idaho Falls

Warm Springs - Griffin Butte, Hailey

Warm Springs Trailhead, Superior

Washington Creek Campground, Clearwater County

Waters Edge Resort, Cascade

Water's Edge RV Resort, Cascade

Watts Bridge Access, Challis

Weiser Sand Dunes OHV, Huntington

Weitas Meadows Campground, Idaho County

Weitas Creek, Pierce

Wellington Sno-Park, Banks

Wendover Campground, Idaho County

West Fork Morgan Creek, Challis

West End, Saint Anthony

West Ramp Acess, American Falls

Westside RV Park, Donnelly

Western Wings Birds Clays and RV Park, Roberts

Weston Creek Reservoir Public Access, Dayton

West Fork Campground, Custer County

Whaa-Laa Campground, Kootenai County

Wheel People RV Park, Sagle

Whiskey Rock Bay, Bayview

Whiskey Flat, Clayton

White Knob, Mackay

White Knob Motel and Trailer Park, Mackay

Whitelock's Marina and RV Park, Conda

Whitehouse Campground, Idaho County

Whitehouse, Alberton

Whitetail Campground, Kootenai County

Whitey Cox Campground, Custer County

Whitewater Campground, Idaho County

Whitman Hollow Campground, Bear Lake County

White Creek Campground, Custer County

White Bird Gravel Pit, White Bird

White Sand Campground, Idaho County

Whoop-Um-Up Horse Camp, Garden Valley

Wicks Bridge Access Area - Hwy 95 MP 192, Riggins

Wild Rose Ranch, Island Park

Wild Rose Ranch Resort, Island Park

Wildhorse Lake, Elk City

Wildhorse Lake Campground, Idaho County

Wild Goose Campground, Idaho County

Wilderness Gateway, Pierce

Wildhorse Campground, Custer County

Wilderness Gateway - Clearwater National Forest, Orofino

Williams Lake, Salmon

Willow Creek - Idaho City, Garden Valley

Willow Flat, Preston

Willow Creek, Donnelly

Williams Lake, Salmon

Willow Creek Transfer Camp, Atlanta

Willow Creek Campground, Boise County

Willow Creek Campground, Elmore County

Willow Bay Recreation Area, American Falls

Willowbay RV Park and Marina, Priest River

Wilson Creek Campground, Lemhi County

Winchester Lake State Park, Winchester

Windy Bay, Worley

Windy Saddle, Elk City

Windy Saddle Campground, Idaho County

Wolf Flats, Ririe

Wolf Flats, Ririe

Wolftone Campground, Blaine County

Wolf Lodge Campground, Coeur D Alene

Wolverine Canyon, Idaho Falls

Wood River Picnic Area - Sawtooth National Forest, Twin Falls

Wood River, Sun Valley

Woodhead Park, Cambridge

Yellow Pine Campground, Valley County

Yellow Belly Lake, Ketchum

Yellowjacket Campground, Lemhi County

Zims Hot Springs, New Meadows

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