Madden Mountaineering, Voyager

It's Saturday and you and the little one haven't gotten out all week. Time to go for a hike, but where...the store, the trail? Just whip out the Voyager from Madden and you don't have to decide where to hike until you get there. With enough load bearing straps and harnesses to make even rough terrain seem smooth, you and the tyke will feel like your walking on air during the whole journey. A mesh back pocket easily handles all of your essentials and an optional canopy can be utilized to protect your child from the elements. Whatever route you choose, the Voyager is always ready to go.

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Madden Mountaineering, The Hike

Looking to take the little one for a hike, but don't want to deal with all the bells and whistles of most child carriers? By the time you get them situated in there correctly, your child is so cranky that neither of you are going to have an enjoyable hike. Such problems disappear when using The Hike from Madden. Weighing in at under 4 pounds and with a minimum of straps to fiddle with, the Hike will ensure that both of you are able to enjoy the most comfortable hike possible.

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